Quality Serums Hand-Crafted in Kentucky

Meemaw Crone starts each day puttering through the hills of Kentucky gathering items for her crafts. All these serums were manufactured in Kentucky, however, the ingredients came from other places. Believing that the natural, old ways are best, Meemaw only uses organic carrier oils, and pharmaceutical grade essential oils.

Money is tight, so Meemaw encourages you to order a sample bottle when available. I have to admit, I had an idea what I wanted to charge for each item, but when I tallied up the actual cost of the oils and bottles, added shipping, and a markup for all the other costs, I was shocked to see that my serums cost more than I initially wanted. I could skimp on materials, using non pharmaceutical grade oil, or non-organic products, but then they wouldn’t be a quality product. It would be easy and so much cheaper to slop something together. But  Meemaw thought why bother?  There are plenty of sub-standard  serums on the market, and if you don’t care what you put on your face, save yourself some money. In time, I may be able to purchase oils in larger quantities, and reduce the price. I sure hope so.

All of the serums are to be applied topically. That means on the skin. Beware of getting in the eyes or on mucous membranes (lips and genitals).

If your muscles are extremely sore don’t expect the pain to subside after a single essential oil massage application. You might have to give yourself a few day’s rest before you completely recover.

Do not use on open wounds. Do a patch test. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. If the elixir is too strong for your skin, mix it with a carrier oil to dilute it.

None of the information gathered here is meant as medical advice. Please see your doctor with any concerns.